Abney Solar Electrix
Dean Abney


Oregon Department of
Energy & Energy Trust of
Oregon certified

Member &  Past Board Member of

NABCEP Certified


Our unique portable power systems are great for when power is needed in different areas at different times such as running livestock water pumps.  These portable power systems are built to your specific needs.
The frame includes stablizers to level the unit on uneven ground, is made from high strength steel and is built to be pulled behind a pick-up, ATV or tractor.
One model features a solar power unit with controller for a remote water pumping system.  It can be moved from field to field or water source to water source and can be stored in a safe location for off-duty times.
A second model features an inverter and batteries for remote power needs.  They have been used for hunting cabins, power for fence repairs, remote kitchens and outdoor concerts.  The potential uses for the portable power system is only limited to ones imagination!