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Solar systems can be small to extremely large in nature.  From a weekend cabin to full time living with few concessions in lifestyle, solar power systems can be your ticket to generating all the power you need.  
For storing energy, whether a stand alone wind or solar or a hybrid system, the batteries and inverter will be the foundation for storing your power.   Batteries are normally the weakest link in an off grid power system.  It is extremely important to have the proper batteries for your alternative power system.  This gallery shows a display of batteries and inverters being used by our projects.
Abney Solar is in the process of field testing new battery technology, LiFiPO4 is going to be the future of battery based storage.  At this time, it appears to be the most cost effective for reliable long lasting energy storage.  Watch our website for updates!
Abney Solar Electrix is the N W oldest factory certified and trained inverter repair and testing facility.  We specialize in TRACE  SW & DR, Schneider Electric XW, Heart and Magnum products.