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Wind power is a beautiful, clean energy source. Central Oregon can be an excellent place for alternative energy such as wind.  In the right location, a wind power system can offer years of power with little maintenance on the behalf of the owner. A wind power system has many requirements that begin with a site survey and, at this time, is not supported by any state or federal tax credit. Contact Dean Abney for a site survey to ensure a wind power system is right for you and your needs. Solar systems can be small to extremely large in nature. From a weekend cabin to full time living with few concessions in lifestyle, solar power systems can be your ticket to generating all the power you need. Central Oregon provides numerous days of sunlight year round.  Contact Dean Abney for a site survey to ensure your solar system is right for you and your needs. Often the foundation for storing energy in most applications, whether a stand alone wind or solar or a hybrid system, the batteries and inverter will be the foundation for storing your power. Contact Dean Abney for information on battery and inverter sizing and requirements. Our unique portable power systems are great for when power is needed in different areas at different times such as running livestock water pumps. Contact Dean Abney for more information on these great portable power systems.

We offer a full range of testing and repair of Trace/Xantrex inverters, specializing in the SW and DR inverters.  Contact Dean Abney for more information on testing and repair of inverters.

NEW! We now can offer you a great starter kit for your RV that comes with everything you need to enjoy your electronics without having to run your generator or be connected to outside power. Check out our RV Power Starter Package!

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